About PACA

Peterborough Athletic Concussion Awareness, was formed in April 2019 under the leadership of the Peterborough Family Health Team and Peterborough Public Health. Our goal is to increase awareness while taking a community approach, setting a new standard for communities who aim to tackle concussions. PACA is a community led team working towards increasing concussion awareness by working under its four pillars:





Community Collaborators

 Panel Representatives

  • Dr. Steph Dallaire – Family Physician
  • Dr. Alex Weiler – ER Physician
  • Dr. Joanna Hamilton – Neuro Psychologist

The partnership and school programs allow for individuals to ensure they are met with the necessary information needed to understand concussions at a deeper level. By taking a community approach we hope to undertake the various effects of concussions. Our team is full of motivated and dedicated individuals whose lives have all been affected by concussions.




In collaboration with Trent University we have had the chance to work with local post-secondary students to develop out our educational programming and awareness initiatives. Our student volunteers are essential in achieving the level of community impact we aspire to create. A special thanks to our current volunteers for all the amazing work they do.


PACA Project Manager – Ryan Sutton

Email: coordinator@paca.health

Phone: 705-868-9125


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Share Your Story!

Sharing your story is one of the best ways to spread concussion awareness. All submissions will be sent to our social media team and they will follow up with you to ensure your story gets shared on our social media page!


Join our volunteer team and help to contribute to local education and awareness on concussions in sport.

Community Partner

Join our growing network of community partners and help us work on projects that expand the local communities capacity for concussion education and awareness.