Sport Organization Services

The purpose of our partnerships with local sport organizations is to create a community approach to concussion education and awareness that will seek to improve local sports organizations’ culture around concussions and mental health.

Establishing a partnership between PACA and your sport organization will provide the essential foundation to connecting your stakeholder community with the leading-edge local resources and information about concussions and mental health. PACA has developed programming to educate (athletes, coaches, parents and administrators), spread organization specific awareness around the injury, connect stakeholders with local resources, conduct sport specific concussion and mental health research led by Trent University professors and can help sport organizations navigate through Rowan’s Law protocols. By taking an individualized approach to each organization, PACA can mobilize the conversation around concussions within different stakeholder groups to effectively streamline the local response to sport related concussions.

Educational Workshop Series

Recognize, Remove, Manage, Prevent educational content series

Explore the four pillars of PACA through the immersive video series produced by the Headsup Concussion Advocacy Network. The video series explores the stories of local athletes, students, teachers and coaches that will be supplemented by engaging narration and content creation elements to ensure larger questions surrounding concussions are answered.

PACA Sports Values Program

This in person workshop style education program will explore a more holistic understanding of brain health and how athletes can support one another on and off the field. Educating on the different ways athletes can get more out of their athletic potential while actively developing tools for positive mental health.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Share Your Story!

Sharing your story is one of the best ways to spread concussion awareness. All submissions will be sent to our social media team and they will follow up with you to ensure your story gets shared on our social media page!


Join our volunteer team and help to contribute to local education and awareness on concussions in sport.

Community Partner

Join our growing network of community partners and help us work on projects that expand the local communities capacity for concussion education and awareness.